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  1. AMICO RS014GL Scoring Machine

    AMICO RS014GL Scoring Machine

    Quality durability and Reliability is what AMICO delivers. The AMICO RS 014GL Scoring machine is built simplicity redefined. Large display, loud tone volume, easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with its own carrying case. The small design is non intrusive and the hit proof construction means less repairs. Why pay more for high styling when the AMICO RS 014GL Signal Box fits the bill for less.
    Three weapon scoring machine with built-in Li-Po accumulator is intended to detect electrically fencing touches in training process.

    II. What comes with the machine?
    - Scoring machine RS-014gl
    - Plug in wall charger- (optional)
    - USBA - USB mini cord- to connect to your computer or USB port to charge the machine
    - Adjustable mounting clamp
    - Carrier bag

    - Electrical and time parameters of hits confirm to FIE Regulations (2005)
    - The max. current through a body of the fencer 1,5+-0,5мА
    - Power supply voltage, V 5 +10/-10% DC
    - Current consumption, A, no more than 0,5
    - Overall dimensions (scoring machine only), mm 190*65*25 - Set weight, kg, no more than 0.5
    - Operating mode 8 hours From one charge of the accumulator

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  2. Non Insulated Pommel for Dry/Practice Sabre

    Non Insulated Pommel for Dry/Practice Sabre

    Non Insulated Pommel for Dry/Practice Sabre. .
    These only come in 6mm thread. Learn More
  3. DoWin Fencing Shoes

    DoWin Fencing Shoes

    DoWin fencing shoes are very lightweight, comfortable and sturdy. They are the perfect shoes to practice fencing at all levels!

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  4. Cooling Towel

    Cooling Towel

    Great accessory to have when in a hot venue! Just wet it once..and apply...when it gets hot..SNAP it to get it cool again.... Learn More
  5. Prieur FIE Jacket2

    Prieur FIE Jacket

    For over 20 years Prieur is the official partner of the Fence Fencing Federation. From their large facility in the Burgundy region of France they manufacture and export world class fencing equipment to over 50 countries world wide. Their skilled technicians and technical staff has ranked them in leader in fencing technology. These garments are FIE certified. Limited EUROPEAN sizes only: Woman's RH 42, 44, 48 Woman's LH 38, 40, 42 Learn More

  6. New Junior A-shape Wheel Bag

    New Junior A-shape Wheel Bag

    Introducing the new A-shape fencing bag. It is smaller than a regular wheel bag so it's lighter as well, but big enough to fit all your equipment in. Perfect to roll it to practice or competition. The gummy wheels are capacious and quiet. There are two outside pockets to fit all your miscellaneous stuff.

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  7. Deluxe 4 Piece Epee Fencing Starter Set

    Deluxe 4 Piece Epee Fencing Starter Set

    Your Deluxe Fencing Starter Set is going to show everyone you are ready to fence your way into taking over the world! 

    Epee Fencing Starter Set

    Set Includes:

      Nylon Front Zip Jacket
      Standard Mask
      Grip Pro Glove
      Practice Epee French Grip (+$4.50 for PG)

    Please specify Measurements for Jacket, Mask, Glove. Please let us know if you are right or left handed, Man or Woman.

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  8. Premier Team Fencing Bag

    Premier Team Fencing Bag

    • 2 X Large Outside pockets.
    • 2 Small Outside Pockets
    • 2 Main Compartments 
    • Basic Colors: Black, Blue and Red
    • Trim comes in white color
    • Water resistant material
    • Zipper and Belt are Black
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  9. Fencing jacket PBT BALATON FIE 800 N for men

    Fencing jacket PBT BALATON FIE 800 N for men

    800N resist tissue material with stretch panels on the both legs and underarms sides.Resist tissue accepted by FIE and tested in CE laboratory for over 800 Newton force after several washing and drying cycle. Double layered.

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  10. 3 PCS Special:Buy 2 Sabres get Blade Free

    3 PCS Special: Buy 2 Sabres get Blade Free

    Buy 2 Basic Electric Sabre Complete Weapons and get Blade Free

    Approved for all domestic competitions, this pair of durable, sturdy electric sabres comes to you at an unbeatable price!

    Buy Two of them and get Blade free!!!

    This is a bargain to snatch up before it's gone. Limited supplies.

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