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Epee Parts

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  1. Standard Epee Guard

    Standard Epee Guard

    How about 10 less grams on an Epee guard? Unlike some guards, where you sacrifice strength for light weight - We give you the best of both worlds. Learn More

  2. Blade X-light Epee Guard

    X-light Epee Guard

    Extra Light guard, Might not last as long as the Strong steel guard, but are very light!

    Learn More
  3. Vniti Epee Gaurd-One Piece

    Vniti Epee Guard-One Piece

    New!!!! One Piece Epee Guards are X-light and X-strong. Good for the fencer (and bad for us) this guard will last a long time, and you do not even have to sacrifice weight. There are no rivets as it is one piece. Our product tests included 6 months of practice two times a week (minor wear); one year of practice + competitions (some wear but still usable) Elephant stepping on the guard (flattened it, what did you expect?) One of the best "value for your money guards on the market. Learn More
  4. Epee Pad

    Epee Pad

    Epee Pad-This a pad (commonly made of felt) used to cushion your hand against your weapon. Learn More

  5. Colored Epee Guard

    Colored One Piece Epee Guard

    This epee One Piece guard is very heavy duty, and only one peace. Lasts long so you can be fashionable on the strip as well. Learn More
  6. Epee Socket

    Epee Socket

    3-prong Socket. High quality! good price. Learn More
  7. Epee Blade Pistol Grips

    Epee Pistol Grips

    Insulated Italian Visconti Pistol Grips, Russian, Belgian, or German Visconti grips all professionally finished for a great feel. Non-insulated come with no finish! Here are the Grips by the numbers!! 1- RUSSIAN PISTOL GRIP (COMES IN ONE SIZE) (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!!) 2- GERMAN VISCONTE (COMES IN ONE SIZE) 3, 5, 6 - ITALIAN VISCONTE GRIPS (COME IN SIZES SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE)* 4- BELGIAN GRIP- (COMES IN ONE SIZE) *These grips usually come color coded for size Red- Large, Blue- Medium, Yellow-Small*


    Learn More
  8. Epee French Handles

    Epee French Handles

    Molded Standard French Grip. Learn More
  9. French Handle with Metal Inside - Right Handed

    French Handle with Metal Inside - Right Handed

    French Handle made strong and durable rubber around an aluminum metal core. This makes this grip very strong indeed. Learn More

  10. Fencing Plastic Rubber Tips

    Fencing Plastic Rubber Tips

    Plastic rubber tips for your practice (dry) foils or epees. Comes in packs of 10! Learn More
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This New York fencing equipment supplier offers online ordering of Allstar, Russian and Blade equipment.