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  1. Large Outside Hex Wrench

    Large Outside Hex Wrench

    Outside Hex Wrench -6mm Learn More

  2. Allen Key (5mm)

    Allen Key (5mm)

    My blade is loose do you have an Allen Key? Stop asking all of your teammates to borrow their allen key. Break down and spend the $3.50. Buy two or three. Think about all of the fencers asking you to borrow your Key. Have a spare and sell it to them for $5.00. They might even pay more if they really need it. Heck, invest more in getting the AllStar one and charge even more! Learn More

  3. Abrasive Sponges

    Abrasive Sponges

    The Abrasive Sponge is a perfect device for cleaning all of the rust off of blades and bell guards. This small investment will last you years before you need another. It is important to keep your blades clean from rust, not only to have a longer life from the blades but for safety reasons too. Learn More

  4. Large Inside Hex Wrench

    Large Inside Hex Wrench

    Large Inside Hex Wrench Learn More

  5. Large Tip Tape - Green

    Large Tip Tape - Green

    Easy-to-tear but long lasting on foil blades, pistol grips, body cords, fix-ups, etc. Coated, so that it won't get dirty easily; easy-to-tear so that you can do quick on-the-spot fixes. Learn More

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This New York fencing equipment supplier offers online ordering of Allstar, Russian and Blade equipment.