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Complete Electric Foil Weapon - FIE

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  1. Supreme (Bniti) FIE Foil Complete

    Supreme (Vniti) FIE Foil Complete

    The new method of forging blades has been awarded a Silver Medal by the jury of the prestigious International Competition of Technological Innovations "Brussels Eureka--95" Due to the fact that the heating and forging, which are common for making fencing blades are NOT used, the chemical structure of the metal remains intact. As a result, the "SUPREME" blades do NOT have deformities. Not only are the blades long-lasting, they also do NOT create sharp edges when they break. Thermal Preparation of the blades allow the "SUPREME" blades to be 1 1/2 - 2 times more durable than required by the FIE. This is why the "SUPREME" blades can be called the "superblade."


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