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Epee Cords

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  1. Super Epee Body Cord

    Super Epee Body Cord

    You get to choose from our selection of AllStar or Blade. Learn More
  2. Econo Body Cords  Epee

    Econo Epee Body Cords

    This Epee budget-priced body cord is great for beginners.

    Learn More

  3. Clear Epee Body Cord

    Clear Epee Body Cord

    • Perfect for the armourer in you!
    • Transparent insulation shows where the wires could have damage
    • Also shows how secure the wire is attached to the plugs
    • Also shows which wire is attached to which pole to ensure proper wiring has taken place

     High Quality Clear Epee Body Cord, It is good for beginner and advanced fencers.

    Learn More

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About Us

This New York fencing equipment supplier offers online ordering of Allstar, Russian and Blade equipment.