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Electric Epee Blades Non-FIE

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  1. Premier Electric Epee BLADE

    Premier Gold Electric Epee BLADE Wired

    The PREMIER EPEE blade is one of the more exciting weapons to come across our shelves! Its flexibilty and light weight makes it one of best blades we have come across. It truly deserves the name PREMIER! Learn More
  2. Basic Electric Epee BLADE

    Basic Electric Epee BLADE

    The Basic Blade continues to surprise fencers and coaches alike. While these are lightweight and flexible, they administer touches and withstand attacks with the dependability of solid, rigged blades.

    This blade is strong and dependable blade. It possesses a good stiffness while allowing for some flexibility while scoring touches. The base is triangular and similar to the BL Premier blade, just slightly narrower. At this price, you can’t compare. 

    Learn More
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This New York fencing equipment supplier offers online ordering of Allstar, Russian and Blade equipment.