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Electric Epee Blades - FIE

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  1. Vniti (Supreme) FIE Electric Epee BLADE

    Vniti (Supreme) FIE Electric Epee BLADE

    Interesting wide base shape on this new design for an Epee blade. Due to the fact that the heating and forging, which are common for making fencing blades are NOT used, the chemical structure of the metal remains in tact. As a result, the "SUPREME" blades do NOT have deformities. Not only are the blades long-lasting, they also do NOT create sharp edges when they break. Thermal Preparation of the blades allow the "SUPREME" blades to be 1 1/2 - 2 times more durable than required by the FIE. This blade is a little heavier then some, but the balance remains good for feeling the point. Learn More
  2. BF FIE Blue Epee BLADE

    BF FIE Blue Epee BLADE

    One of the best of FIE level blades. Perfect balance and point control; medium stiffness; average life span. This is what most Olympians prefer to fence with. BF blades are on the stiff side for easy point control. Top of the line FIE Epee Blade with blue coating to help prevent against rust Learn More
  3. BF WHITE FIE Electric Epee BLADE

    BF WHITE FIE Electric Epee BLADE

    This is most Olympian's favorite of the FIE Blades, the BF FIE Epee Blade. This blade is used by more of world's top fencers than any of the other brands. It has perfect balance and flexibility. Excellent for point control. This is the regular silver (white) color maraging steel blade.
    Lightweight and well-balanced. For the point control freaks this blade is for you! Learn More
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