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Scoring Equipment

Scoring Equipment

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  1. AMICO RS014GL Scoring Machine

    AMICO RS014GL Scoring Machine

    Quality durability and Reliability is what AMICO delivers. The AMICO RS 014GL Scoring machine is built simplicity redefined. Large display, loud tone volume, easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with its own carrying case. The small design is non intrusive and the hit proof construction means less repairs. Why pay more for high styling when the AMICO RS 014GL Signal Box fits the bill for less.
    Three weapon scoring machine with built-in Li-Po accumulator is intended to detect electrically fencing touches in training process.

    II. What comes with the machine?
    - Scoring machine RS-014gl
    - Plug in wall charger- (optional)
    - USBA - USB mini cord- to connect to your computer or USB port to charge the machine
    - Adjustable mounting clamp
    - Carrier bag

    - Electrical and time parameters of hits confirm to FIE Regulations (2005)
    - The max. current through a body of the fencer 1,5+-0,5мА
    - Power supply voltage, V 5 +10/-10% DC
    - Current consumption, A, no more than 0,5
    - Overall dimensions (scoring machine only), mm 190*65*25 - Set weight, kg, no more than 0.5
    - Operating mode 8 hours From one charge of the accumulator

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  2. ARM05SET1


    This complete scoring machine set includes: Favero ARM 05 machine w/ remote control, carrying case for machine, 2 Favero Millenium reels, and a pair of Blade Floor cables. Learn More

  3. FAvero Full Arm 05 Scoring Machine

    FAvero Full Arm 05 Scoring Machine

    FAVERO ARM-05 WEAPON FIE MACHINE- If you want this machine with the new chips to reflect the new FIE rules please specifically ASK for the new chip to be added to your order. This is a FIE approved scoring machine for all 3 weapons (foil, sabre, and epee). It has a digital time display plus comes with a remote control. Learn More

  4. Amico RS018 Scoring Machine With Remote Control

    Amico RS018 Scoring Machine With Remote Control

    Confirms to FIE regulations in effect since 2005 fencing season. 300ms - foil, 120ms – sabre. - Does not require IC replacement if any changes in FIE regulations take place. - Built-in light signal response rate simulator. - Built-in Priority indicator and time meter simulator if both lamps light up simultaneously. - Elegant durable metal case. - Bright colour lamps faced both sides (option). - Floor, table and table-integrated stand. - Single-side or both-sides indication (option). - Optional multimedia PC with plasma monitor to hold the final competition. - Complete set of functions to hold training and A category competitions at minimum price. - Three years warranty term. Equipment set - Three-blades scoring machine with on-table telescopic tripods «R s-018» (Fig. 1) - Remote control (Fig. 2). - Spare power supply 110-220 V (Fig. 3). - Portable on-floor telescopic tripods, option (Fig. 4). - Hold-all bag for the apparatus, remote control, power supply and on-table telescopic tripods (Fig. 5). - Stationary on-floor table-stand, option (Fig. 6). - Soft furnishing for advertisement, option - Plastic decorative panel for advertisement, option Learn More
  5. AMICO RS015 Scoring Machine

    AMICO RS015 GL Scoring Machine

    Quality durability and Reliability is what AMICO delivers. The RS 015 Scoring box built with the coaches in mind. Large display, easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with its own carrying case. The small design is non intrusive and the metal case makes it less vulnerable to damage caused by falls or hits which means less repair expenses. Why pay more for high styling the AMICO RS-015 includes a remote control. *The GL series is an eco friendly line which uses a rechargeable battery instead of connecting directly through a socket. The machine can run about 8 hours on a single charge.* Learn More
  6. Millenium Favero Reel

    Millenium Favero Reel

    These reels are so much better than the others. It "walks" significantly less than the standard reels and with less moveable parts, there is less breakage. And also as important, they`re better priced than the other big name brands!! Price is PER reel. Learn More

  7. Favero 2 Prong Buzzer Box

    Favero 2 Prong Buzzer Box

    Great training aid for both club or home use. You don't need to roll out the strip nor do you need to purchase an expensive scoring machine either. This great tool has both an audio and visual alert to let you know the point has landed. Learn More

  8. Maestro Practice Arm

    Maestro Practice Arm

    The most efficient way to practice your moves. The arm is mounted in the center of the overstuffed target to replicates the opponents hand. The heavy duty spring simulates the resistance when parrying the weapon or hitting the arm.
    A 360 degree positioning and adjustable elbow (all lockable) gets you an unlimited amount of practice moves. The Maestros arm folds down when not in use, so its perfect for mounting on doors or walls.
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